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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Collecting LGBT Census Data Is 'Essential' To Federal Agency, Document Shows

The U.S. Census Bureau has never asked Americans about sexual orientation and gender identity. Last year, though, requests for that data came from more than 75 members of Congress and multiple federal agencies.

Still, the Census Bureau concluded "there was no federal data need" to collect this information, the bureau's outgoing director, John Thompson, wrote in March.

A document obtained by NPR through a Freedom of Information Act request, however, reveals that the Department of Housing and Urban Development told the bureau that there indeed was a need.

"Valid, reliable, and nationally representative data on sexual orientation and gender identity are essential to HUD fulfilling its mission," former HUD Secretary Julián Castro wrote in a letter to Thompson dated June 30, 2016.



Anonymous said...

Full blown Communism.
We are living under the yoke of a totalitarian government that wants to control every aspect of our lives.
This is the purpose of Statutory Law.

Statutory Law enables the government to exact punishments (taxes) for victimless crimes.
Communism turns that which is healthy into unhealthy.
That which is natural into unnatural.

Anonymous said...

What is yoke? Are you religious?

Anonymous said...

I guess they're so "essential" they will have to work on "snow days"

Anonymous said...

Full blown Communism? I think you're over exaggerating a bit there. An example of a statutory law would be a posted speed limit. Those damn totalitarian governments and their need to control our speed!

Welcome to the real world. We live in a society. Don't want any laws? Go live in the mountains by yourself. You can write as many idiotic statements about communism as you want.

Anonymous said...

Essential for WHOM?

Anonymous said...

You do understand that Statutory Law is not Constitutional, right?
Do you understand why it is not Constitutional?

Maybe you are the idiot?

Why do you believe a government needs to control the speed of your vehicle?

Government serves the people. Not the other way around.
Government's purpose is NOT to prevent crime.
That would be an erasure of free will.

Yes, I believe you are the idiot and just don't realize it.

Anonymous said...

Who did you vote for?

Anonymous said...

557 I voted for Clinton.