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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Marketing Strategy for Unhealthy Products: Racially Profile

Tobacco and soda companies disproportionately target minority citizens and lawmakers with advertising and lobbying. One city is fed up.

If you still watch cable television or saw the Super Bowl this year, you may have seenone of the latest ads from the anti-smoking nonprofit the Truth Initiative.

They bring to light the fact that tobacco companies racially profile as a form of marketing. According to one of the ads, a study in the American Journal of Public Health found that tobacco advertising in big cities is 10 times more likely to appear in black neighborhoods.

Big Tobacco isn't the only industry that sells unhealthy products and engages in racial profiling to do it. The soda industry is guilty, too.



Anonymous said...

How much is purchased with EBT cards and cash change says a lot about the government's intentions. Funny how the Democrats push it the hardest. Ironic how many black Democrats buy into it.

Anonymous said...

Racial profiling is nothing but another name for marketing demographics. Targeting your advertising to individual demographic markets is what any good business does, and they get the most effective and efficient use of their marketing dollars by doing so.

Anonymous said...

They simply advertise where there is more opportunity for a sale.
People who have less intelligence are more likely to buy.
simple as that.