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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Salisbury City Hall's Damning Reality

By Thornton Crowe

One of the problems we face today is the young ones coming out of college expecting to start at the top of the food chain rather than paying their dues and working there way up. Salisbury government is no exception to this general sentiment. Mayor Jake Day has purposefully been going through, slicing and dicing people from the payroll to make room for the college grads fresh out of school.

Could this be a coordinated effort with Dr. Dudley-Eshbach? It wouldn't be a shock horror if this were found to be the case. She is already under scrutiny (and heat) because college graduates are having the most difficulty find employment in the tough economy of the last seven years.

A source revealed after his collegiate career and service, Day waltzed into a fancy Perdue job gratis daddy before taking the City Hall helm. Pretty much the same song is sung with City Administrator Julia Glanz. She came here from Long Island, New York to go to Salisbury University; got her two degrees and went directly into government.

Notice something missing here?

You can't expect these people to understand your woes if you're a business person or small business owner. They have no idea what it is to make a payroll, deal with capital expenditures or make decisions whether to provide health insurance for employees verses hiring two more additional people to help smooth the ills of an overtaxed crewed. They have no idea how to do this at all!

Nothing can replace real life experience and as many business owners and corporate executives alike have told me, they would take a common sense person over a person with nothing but college, any day of the week. Unfortunately, you now have a city level government who has not one iota of a clue what it means to be in business, much less support it.

Another source revealed that during his second campaign, former Mayor Jim Ireton actually wrote legislation where the Mayor and Police Chief could shutter businesses. Really? Did you just wake up in 1933 Germany? A government official being able to close down your business... this is just wrong in too many ways to offer any explanation. Isn't that scary?

The following video just epitomizes the disconnect between your lives and those at City Hall. Enjoy the laugh but think to yourself: Is it any wonder the business arena in Salisbury is so lacking?


Rebel Without a Clue said...

One of the funniest scenes ever in a movie because it is so true in many areas of world!

Anonymous said...

Jake is a nice guy. That is about all he brings to the table.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Rebel, that scene pretty much sums it all up right now. Day and his clown posse don't know sticks about operating businesses here on the shore. They're not even good at faking government.

JoeAlbero said...

Can you say Waste Water Treatment Plant, Fire Station 16, Feldman's or old Downtown Station 16. Shall we go on?

Anonymous said...

1139 Jake isn't even a nice guy. He's blocked several Salisbury residents on Facebook because they don't agree with his views. He doesn't even pretend to represent everyone in Salisbury. He's a paid hack for the Good Ole Boy Network. A owned man. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

No need, as T C wrote about the younguns coming out of college, not back in Barry's day and a tidbit of an Unidentifiable source concerning Jim

Anonymous said...

NARCISSISTIC little sissy!! Cavalrymen calling Day they figured out why you wanted to become mayor so bad now. I had a district manager that did rge sane thing, became a captain in army, never had to do any deployments, said he was too vital to company. Day is just another kool aid drinker from bill cropper's religious cult. Hey cropper tell your kid sorry he's NOT the chosen one, sorry. LMAO

Anonymous said...

Video of Thornton Melon reminds me of President Donald J. Trump. A great minded businessman and now POTUS because of that knowledge, and the dummy professors and other like minded minions think they know more than the good president.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such arrogance and ego from one person. He is a narcissist and has NO CREDITABILITY! The head clown in the circus called Salisbury politics.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I take issue with this sentence and I will explain why:

"Nothing can replace real life experience and as many business owners and corporate executives alike have told me, they would take a common sense person over a person with nothing but college, any day of the week."

I don't know what business man told you this lie, but it is a lie, especially here in smallsbury. In fact there was recently a job posting at a nursing home, part time, and they wanted you to have a degree as a requirement to be a receptionist and ANSWER PHONES.

I have over 25 years experience doing what I do with no degree and typically employers won't hire me because I lack a piece of paper, or want to pay me less because I do not have a piece of paper. And hysterically, I know more than my co-workers who have a degree.

IMO and from my experience. This just isn't a true statement. It is true that experience wins, it is not true that employers agree.

Peace -

Anonymous said...

A pure and simple disgrace to the uniform.
Knows nothing of team and country.

πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ»Just my Three Cents said...

252 I have a degree and got higher paying job prosepects without a degree than I have since so I don't know 🀷🏻‍♀️ your experience but mine hasn't been so fantastical.

Anonymous said...

This is why Bill Cropper is always brought up when discussing Jake Day. Cropper IS by far the single worse NARCISSISTIC butt you can come across in smallsbury wicomico county. Yes worse than Mike Lewis even. This is Day's newfound spiritual guru, a man Day takes input and advice from. These two are made for one another. Again Cropper really feel bad for you and the kid getting shunned again this year in the draft. Must be hard to think you're so great and hit the wall AGAIN!! The kid actually posting some pretty foul crap for so called Christians from rapper Don't Q, again Cropper Jr you aren't the CHOSEN ONE but at the rate its going and living in Salisbury you could live up to the rest of the songs lyrics and get to slinging the dope

Anonymous said...

4:17 PM Its called the economy. I was making 10K more in 2009 than I am making now. (and that is not even calculating the lack of healthcare )

But according to Jake we are doing great! And I just read in the Rotary mag that he says we are in a housing boom here in the bury!! Everyone's home value has increased 133K!

Our foreclosure rate is still around 12%, not sure how that figures in to this housing boom we are having.

Anonymous said...

2:52 PM If you are a female that isn't helping your cause either.
I applied for a job with the city. Never heard a peep.
But then I am not "connected" to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Having connections in Salisbury is the important thing. It doesn't matter if you're competent. If you're not, it's all the better. 502 you really should drink more at the local watering holes. You'd find jobs a lot easier and ones you're not even qualified to do. It's a win for everyone but the taxpayers. But who cares about them. They just pay the bills and salaries for the circus.