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Sunday, June 25, 2017

NFL's Kaepernick Compares Cops to Fugitive Slave Patrols

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick compared police officers to fugitive slave patrolmen after a Minnesota officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black motorist.

Kaepernick tweeted his displeasure with the verdict, with a graphic reading "You can't ignore your history - always remember who they are."

Between the lines, a police badge is shown side-by-side with a "fugitive slave patrol" badge.



Anonymous said...

This probably isn't going to help him get NFL spot. Lol

Anonymous said...

He was an idiot.....he is an idiot.....and he'll always be an idiot. It's a shame he was EVER in the limelight.

Unknown said...

Kaepernick still hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut

Anonymous said...

So sad that this individual, who let's face it, grew up in a white "privileged" household, and further, knows nothing of slavery never having experienced it by a long shot, makes such a claim. What the heck does he know about what black people experienced a couple hundred years ago. He wasn't even born during the segregation years and the height of the KKK. How dare he use his God given talent and a wonderful opportunity only in America to vent his vitriol. Does he have no concern for his adoptive parents who made all this possible?

Anonymous said...

10:08 - I am glad he made it because he will always know he could have made it even better, but blew it!

Anonymous said...

The man has a sports gift, but yet unwisely uses his gift of GAB that will probably keep him in the NFL unemployment line. 32 owners and none want his type of publicity!

WOW the stupidity of athletes still amazes me.

Anonymous said...

I might disagree with his comparison, but I agree the modern day police are tax collectors for a government who we all hate and disrespect. The government is totalitarian and the police punish citizens for violating its arbitrary statutes. The statutes have no standing under Common Law, but the police are ignorant of the Constitution to which they made an oath to protect.


Anonymous said...

The more you share his beliefs the more power you give him. It gets people talking.

Anonymous said...

1104 - sorry you feel that way.

I hear its much better in North Korea and "see" Dennis Rodman visits there frequently. Maybe you might like it there rather than in the awful USA.

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like 1104 is well aware of what USA was supposed to be, but is disappointed that people like you allowed it to become what it is today.

Why don't you stop suggesting to people who disagree with you that they leave the Country in which they were born?

How about them apples?

Anonymous said...

You probably don't understand the difference between Statutory Law and Common Law?
Which means, you may be a police officer?

How can it be a crime to drive my car 65 miles per hour if I don't hit another person's car or injure anyone? How can there be a crime when no property is damaged, and nobody is injured? Where is the foul?
If the State told you not to wear white shirts, would you obey?
Why would you obey?

Get it?

We used to be free.

And by the way, I agree. You should stop telling people to leave their Country just because they disagree with you. You may agree not to wear a white shirt if instructed to do so. Doesn't mean I will try to tell you where to live just because you are a go-along. America is about having the RIGHT to disagree with the government and other people. Free Speech is about exercising your God given vocal chords. Say what you wish, do what you wish, so long as you don't harm someone else. Live and let live.

Anonymous said...

@11:04 let me handle this one. Hey @1:01 this is why I say if its so bad here hit the bricks!! This is why I say this: on October 23,1983 at roughly 7:00 am those of us that have the balls to serve and protect whiners like yourself had to watch and endure the aftermath of s suicide bomber drive a truck full of explosives into our makeshift barracks at airport in Beirut Lebanon. To see 200 of tour fellow marines and sailors make such a sacrifice for punks like kaepernick just doesn't cut it. I will defend and continue to honor the memory of my brothers that gave it all that morning so if YOU don't like it get to stepping

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for it to set in for you ultra pro-second amendment folks that this was an American lawfully carrying a firearm and was still shot by the police. No outcry? I wonder if there would have been had he been a different race..

As for "How can it be a crime to drive my car 65 miles per hour if I don't hit another person's car or injure anyone? How can there be a crime when no property is damaged, and nobody is injured? Where is the foul?"

It's called prevention. Does everyone mind the tread on their tires? Their brakes? Proper maintenance performed at regular intervals? The answer unfortunately is no. It is to prevent accidents, to prevent anything bad from happening. If you can't handle it then sorry sonny you're just gonna have to keep crying. Big brother is oppressing you in so many more ways than the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

Ahh snowflake it's okay

Anonymous said...

Snowflake alert lol

Anonymous said...

Government's job is not to prevent crime.

If it is, then we no longer have free will.

Wake up.

You've been mind controlled by the government. Now you are attacking your fellow man who is simply trying to educate you! Wake up please. Stop being so gullible. The government doesn't give a damn about you or me. They create statutes to steal our money. The police enable them to do it.

Get a respectable job.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Any celebrity for that matter!

Anonymous said...

Who did you vote for?

Anonymous said...

Snowflakes come in all shapes and colors.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that makes a lot of sense.
Where did you learn these things about the law?
Are you a lawyer?

So Statutory Laws are not Constitutional?
I never even knew it and doubt many others know it.
I don't remember it being discussed in High School that's for sure.