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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Week Twelve: Sine Die is Near

Session Winding Down

What an awesome week!

I have to start this newsletter off by offering my gratitude to Governor Hogan and staff, especially Deputy Chief of Staff Jeannie Haddaway-Ricco, Speaker Busch, and the House leadership team for helping put our priorities in the budget and keeping them there. We are very blessed to be able to report that with the passage of the Governor’s budget, all of the local projects that were presented to our office were funded!

While funding of highway user revenues (HUR) went up this year, our office is still working hard on bills that would make sure the funding will remain on an upward trajectory, until they ultimately fully funded based upon the formula that goes back decades. Thursday, we met with Maryland Municipal League leadership regarding the status of several HUR bills, including two that I submitted. We are still working to get it accomplished and hope to be able to push them through before the end of session.
Testifying in support of HB0942 & HB0946
We had our last Eastern Shore Delegation meeting of the 2017 Legislative Session on Friday. We had the honor of welcoming Senator Ben Cardin as well as our dear friend, Bunky Luffman, from the Office of the Governor. Senator Cardin pledged to continue to work with Governor Hogan on several issues. He also said that he thought the corporate tax rate in the United States is too high and he would like to see it lowered. Bunky explained his role in the Governor’s office to the Delegation. As a liaison for the local elected officials of the Eastern Shore he is visiting the council meetings of all 56 municipalities and 9 counties.
We concluded the week with the Fruitland Easter Parade and Mt. Hermon PLOW Days on Saturday. I am blessed to have been able to spend the beautiful weather in the district and even take in the sight of more improvements at our very own Arthur W. Perdue Stadium.
This week is our last full week in Annapolis. The last day of session, Sine Die, is on Monday, April 10. There is a lot of work still to do, so I am very much looking forward to continuing to push for good bills and trying to stop bad legislation.

Our 2017 Scholarship Application is now available! If you live in District 38B and are interested in applying, please send an email to Applicants must have plans to attend college in Maryland.
Thank you for your continuous support! If you would like to contact us with an idea, issue, or concern, please either call: 410-841-3431 or

We look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys lets look at House Bill 98......House Bill 98 Vallero
Oh Hogan I think you are familiar with House Bill 98. Can anyone tell me if it has been passed. Hmm who was working on passing that bill? Was that the bill that the states attorney lied about the case in Wicomico County? Gov Hogan you know what I am talking about right. Oh there is nothing that I can do about it right! I can write letters and let everyone in the House and let them know what happened right. You know the people who think they are above the laws. The ones that have no respect for the Constitution of the United States of America. Go ahead Gov Hogan tell us about your e-mail you received. The e-mail that was confirmed it was read. Then what happened? Go ahead Hogan tell us what did you do after you read your e-mail. I think people would like to know.

Anonymous said...

The states attorney was Rich Bruckner does anyone know who hired Rich Brueckner?
I wonder who hired him?

Anonymous said...

We may not be able to do anything about corrupt cops corrupt states attorney or lawyers but when a town shows its true colors something needs to be done! If you think you can take an innocent person and a town can bring false charges and there is nothing we or I can do think again. I will write as many letters to everyone that will listen and they may not even read them but I will write them again and again. I will tell my story to the world if I have to. Someone said to me about Maryland corruption starts at the top. If the top is corrupt then the people under them will be. Gov Hogan you know exactly what I am talking about! Just want to remind you there is a God. Go read a book about him then read it again! Sounds like he gave you a second chance now you need to do what is right

Anonymous said...

Nice house you are standing in front of... what a coincidence looks just like mine are you trying to