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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Watch a huge buck come out of nowhere and jump over a driving motorcyclist

This video is not for the faint of heart

If you've ever driven on a country road, you've probably had a close encounter with a deer, whether late at night or in broad daylight—and you also probably know that the experience can be pretty terrifying.

In a heart-stopping video that's now going viral, a large white-tailed deer jumps across a busy street in Alexandria, Virginia right in front of a group of motorcyclists, almost causing a major crash. In the clip, a leaping buck jumps directly between two cyclists, somehow without getting hit. One of the men, though, is seen slamming on his brakes, swerving out of the way of the deer, ultimately going over the handlebars and onto the road. Thankfully he wasn't seriously injured, but it was definitely a close call for both the man and deer.

Ironically the group had just passed a deer-crossing sign right before the buck dashed out in front of them. The group was participating in the Distinguished Gentlemans' ride, a charity event for prostate cancer, and the man who crashed was luckily able to continue on with just a few minor scratches.



Anonymous said...

Holy Buck!

Anonymous said...

Bikers wear their leather (not criticizing) and this ole boy takes a spill on concrete going the posted limit wearing a Johnny Carson three-piece and brushes it off continuing his journey. Tough ole bird.

Anonymous said...

The county should have known better to have put a Deer Crossing sign in such a busy road way. What were they thinking ? Have Deer Crossings where there is a lot less traffic and everyone will be safer. :P