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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Md. sheriffs oppose proposed ‘sanctuary state' bill

FREDERICK, Md. - A pair of Maryland’s top sheriffs are blasting the state’s General Assembly about a bill being considered by lawmakers in Annapolis which they say will create a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. While Gov. Larry Hogan is promising a veto if the bill hits his desk, law enforcement officials warn that some damage may have already been done with Maryland now at the center of the sanctuary debate.

This bill, which now sits at the State Senate Committee, has already passed the House. Supporters call it the “Trust Act” and is aimed at easing the fears of undocumented immigrants. Police officials are calling it something else – a “sanctuary bill” that would block local police from cooperating with federal immigration officials when they arrest an illegal alien who has committed a crime. While this debate goes into limbo, the sheriffs of both Frederick and Harford County warned on Monday that word of this bill is spreading thought the illegal immigrant pipeline, putting Maryland as a prime destination for individuals wanting to avoid federal immigration laws.

“Not only will it make it a sanctuary state, but a magnet state,” said Sheriff Chuck Jenkins with Frederick County. “Meaning anybody can come into this state, commit a serious crime, a violent crime without any fear of removal. That’s a bad thing, so not only will we become a sanctuary, we will become a magnet for criminal activity.”



Anonymous said...

Every legal citizen in this state should oppose this bill!

Anonymous said...

Every legal citizen should start loading your ammo up

bayman said...

We should go after those responsible for illegals coming into America. Those scum bags that hire these illegals over American citizens. There are people in this area that started their business up for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the illegals so they could pay them less than an American worker and fatten their bank accounts. I hope they are arrested for it and their accounts confiscated. Those employers give the illegals the incentive to come here. Every week there seems to be more and more of them in the mall. It's starting to look like little Mexico in there.