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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Help Wanted: Why Willing Workers Aren’t Filling Open Jobs

Part I: The ‘Skills Gap’ Doesn’t Explain Slow Hiring

Some employers are struggling to find workers with the right education and training, but there are other reasons why so many U.S. jobs are going unfilled. 

Part II: Why Does it Take So Long to Hire a Nurse?

Would-be employees who have the right educational credentials but are short on experience face a catch-22.

Part III: Dedicated to the Mountains, Desperate for Jobs

In regions hit hard by the collapse of coal mining, some people are trying to reinvent themselves, but it isn’t easy.


Anonymous said...

Yes. But Obama told me to give up and take freebies so the unemployment rate goes down. When less than half of the country actually works, the screamers have won

Anonymous said...

duh maybe cause those jobs don't pay more then minimum wage?

Anonymous said...

644 if that is what you think something tells me you are one of the dummies falling into the part I category

Anonymous said...

6:56 thank you. Wages, hours and benefits have declined while everything else has risen. Not everyone is willing to make their employers rich while they live in poverty.

Anonymous said...

The first example highlights part of the problem - they're still paying less than what some can get per hour drawing welfare and food stamps - cut some of that back and see what happens!

The second example highlights another part of the problem - the training pipeline...people want to learn this skill but not very many places offer the training at night when people that have jobs can attend training...colleges and universities require significant qualifications to hire instructors and don't pay enough to the trainers...would you work at night to train someone if you had the qualifications that would get you paid more to work 9-5...!?!?

The third example perfectly illustrates the dumbocrat agenda in killing coal and its associated working class. With not much to replace the employment loss, the people are spiraling downward and taking family, region, and economy with them!

Hopefully, the newly elected set of representatives will look out for the people as they promised instead of simply maintaining their elected status.....

Haha - never mind, cranial rectitus of the elected representatives has spread too far and too fast!

Anonymous said...

WELFARE they need to be put back to W O R K.

Anonymous said...

I agree bring back work for welfare.

Anonymous said...

They may technically have the skills for a certain job, but not everyone can deal with people. Kids now have conversations via social media and texts. They don't know how to be polite to their elders who may be their customers. Maybe there should be a general public manners course in school geared toward your future job with the public.

Anonymous said...

At PRMC they only hire foreign nurses.
Pay less and no benefits.
Nurses leave there not come there.

Anonymous said...

18 hrs a week for Welfare.