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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Media Criticism of Conway Reveals a Double Standard

Kellyanne Conway is good at her job, and the media hates her for it.

CNN has grave concerns about White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway’s credibility and even refused to have her on its Sunday show recently, apparently to protect viewers from her Jedi-mind-trick powers. CNN subsequently invited Conway to appear on the network, infuriating a chorus of liberal-media critics who insist she must be shunned like a harlot in an Amish colony.

Now, I should disclose that I know Conway a bit and like her. At the same time, no one who’s read my columns over the last two years would accuse me of being a cheerleader for her or her boss.

Conway’s job is, at least in part, to sell the president’s agenda and fight back against a hostile press. She is very good at it. Too good, apparently. 

Bill Moyers, who had a similar job for President Lyndon Johnson, lamented CNN’s decision not to permanently ban Conway, which is the “the surest way to prevent a professional con artist from using you to pollute the airwaves with one flagrant lie after another.”

Moyers says Conway is the “administration’s official Queen of Bulls***,” which is an interesting charge coming from someone who used to clean out LBJ’s stables gustily.



Anonymous said...

She's a fifth wheel.2 separate explanations are not necessary to explain everything that Trump does.Multiple perspectives DO NOT WORK OUT IN THE LONG RUN.Conflicting comments by Spicer and Conway will only damage and confuse Trump's Presidency.No offense but she needs to go.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. She is one smart woman and like David Axelrod who got Obama elected (twice) I think was responsible for getting Trump in. Like most of the new administration she is being attacked by the "sour grapes" left and it will take some time until things begin working that will finally shut up them up.

Anonymous said...

10:09-I completely agree with one thing that you said;Kellyanne was indeed instrumental and responsible for Trump being elected.She got him to stick with the teleprompter & not go off on a tangent.He had the right message,but he needed that little extra.

Anonymous said...

She can make up their minds for them without giving them the option: Just decline 'opportunities' to appear on CNN due to other commitments. In my mind changing a litter box would be sufficient to be more important.

CNN is Fake News Central. Anyone tuned in on purpose has a mind that is probably beyond redemption.

She draws traffic to them when she appears; in her absence nobody watches. Let them continue to circle the drain.

Anonymous said...

She needs to do Spicer's job. He is not that great. Can't they find a better person than him.