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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Collapse of the Left

The Left is not just in disarray–it is in complete collapse because the working class has awakened to the Left’s betrayal and abandonment of the working class in favor of building personal wealth and power.

The source of the angry angst rippling through the Democratic Party’s progressive camp is not President Trump–it’s the complete collapse of the Left globally. To understand this collapse, we turn (once again) to Marx’s profound understanding of the state and capitalism.

We turn not to the cultural Marxism that is passingly familiar to Americans, but to Marx’s core economic analysis, which as Sartre noted, is only taught to discredit it.

Cultural Marxism draws as much from Engels as Marx. In today’s use,cultural Marxism describes the overt erosion of traditional values–the family, community, religious faith, property rights and limited central government–in favor of rootless Cosmopolitanism and an expansive, all-powerful central state that replaces community, faith and property rights with statist control mechanisms that enforce dependence on the state and a mindset that the individual is guilty of anti-state thinking until proven innocent by the state’s own rules.



Anonymous said...

Trump's federal sponsored economic policies to incentivize keeping jobs in the states in classic Marxist theory, though. True unchecked capitalism is what drives companies to ship jobs overseas. You can't just throw words around.

Anonymous said...

Good article. The acolytes of the far left have been played by their leaders for years.

Anonymous said...

May not hear much from the Tea party but they are working hard to rid congress of democrats.

Anonymous said...

12:40...I beg to differ. Granted we need to continue imports/exports but go to Wal Mart and find a number of things made in America. Also, you don't think the highest corporate tax rate and severe regulations has anything to do with driving industry off shore?