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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

KELLYANNE: ‘I didn’t see the point’ of women’s march

Top presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway wasn’t sure what all the screaming and obscenities were all about yesterday in Washington, DC.

Asked by George Stephanopoulos about the Women’s March on Saturday, Conway replied, “I frankly didn’t see the point.”

Continuing, she said, “You have a day after he’s uplifting and unifying and you have folks here on a diatribe. I think they could have requested a dialog.

“Nobody called me and said, ‘hey, can we have a dialog.'”

Referring to the potty-mouthed geriatric Madonna, Conway said this....


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the point either.
It just looked like a very large bunch of liberals that just went out there to fuss and dress up in stupid costumes.

Anonymous said...

It was another attempt by the left to find something for them to get behind. They are trying to find their own Tea Party , their first attempt was occupy Wall st now this and will fail.

Anonymous said...

They should have marched against Obama for the last 8 years,these issues didn't start the day of pres Trump's inauguration!Libs need to realize George Soros has made you all puppets too!

Anonymous said...

I am Sure that All those Hipocrites at the March
have had "Locker room talk " before of their own
and Potty mouth ........if they say Not, they LIE !!!

They just Sore Losers of Hillary Demon-crats and it was
very Not Appropiate for them to have march when they did
And Permits should Not have been issued......

Anonymous said...

They should have Been Arrested for those VULGER costumes

Who the hell are they to Ever gripe over Locker Room Talk
when they wear such things ???? Looks like they are
the Pot calling the kettle Black !!!

Anonymous said...

The ONLY Point was to Bash Trump and US too in America who
Voted him in as Pres (WE the Majority )

Good thing we are more grown up than they, and are running
the country Now instead of they !!!