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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Advancement of Capital Improvement Plan 2018-2022

Salisbury – Mayor Jacob Day is pleased to announce that last night the City Council voted unanimously to adopt the five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for fiscal years 2018–2022. The CIP, a document that promotes financial stability through long term planning of resources and needs, is reviewed and updated annually. Many of Mayor Day’s additions to the document focus on improving quality of life for Salisbury residents through the enhancement of cultural amenities and recreational spaces.

Mayor and Council anticipate that these investments will result in significant and lasting economic benefits to the City. Master plans for the Bicycle Network, City Park, Riverwalk, Urban Greenway and Zoo are all incorporated into this CIP. Mayor Day hopes these projects will not only unify the City, but also bring it one step closer to his vision of making the City of Salisbury into one of the most thriving, successful small cities in America.

Mayor Day notes that this vision isn’t one he can achieve by himself, but rather it will involve the whole community. He offers a call-to-action to the City, stating that it is not only his but everyone’s responsibility to make sure that these plans are “achievable, implementable, and affordable.” Mayor Day affirms that this CIP is all of those things, and that the City possesses the resources necessary to carry these projects out.

“This Capital Plan reflects the lowest requested amount in over a decade—by more than 15 million dollars,” said the Mayor. “That doesn’t mean we’re expecting to do less; quite the opposite, actually. It means we’re being smarter with how we plan to use the taxpayers’ money. This budget planning document is the road map to how we will enhance the quality of life for our citizens, and ensure prosperity in the coming years. I’m thankful to the Council for their confidence in this vision.”



Anonymous said...

Excellent, thank you Mayor Day

Anonymous said...

Well do something about the rent prices around here maybe people would be able to spend money here instead of the slumlords getting all of it,and one more thing was looking for a place the other day to rent and seen a slumlord is asking 1200$ for a place on church st come on now it's getting out of control around here because of this college something has to be done

Anonymous said...

Rentals contribute to the degradation of Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

7:36 it's not governments job to set real estate or rent prices. End of story.
Kudos to our young mayor, jake day. He's a breath of fresh air into a formerly- stagnating city.
Doing more with less, you would think he's republican. Just like Trump, give him some slack and see what he can do. Go Calvary!

Anonymous said...

What a waste of taxpayer dollars.I dont see many jobs in that plan. Bike parks, polluted river walk and joke of a Zoo Really!! Dont slap yourself on the back to hard Day. One hand clapping is more like it.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone stop to ask where the funds are coming from.
Salisbury..Good city to be from