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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Three teens arrested in ‘anti-white’ bus attack; victims sue

Three teenage girls were arrested this week in connection with the alleged anti-white assault of four schoolgirls on a Bronx bus — just as the victims’ families notified the city of their intent to sue for emotional and physical damages, according to police and the schoolgirls’ lawyer.

Miracle and Mollychi Rattray, 17 and 16 respectively, and a 15-year-old girl whose name was not released were arrested Monday and charged with gang assault in the Nov. 22 attack, cops said.

The incident happened as the four girls, 10th graders at St. Catharine’s Academy in Pelham Gardens, were riding an MTA bus home in the direction of Throggs Neck, the girls told the Post.

At first, two black boys on the bus started taunting them, but then the boys called a group of female friends who joined them on the bus and physically attacked the white girls, they said.



Anonymous said...

Is this type of thing increasing or is the media just promoting it more. If you are black the media says cops will kill you if you are white they say blacks will attack you. I never feel that I hate people of other races until a read or watch the news.

Anonymous said...

"anti-white" is not the same as "racially motivated" I suppose

Anonymous said...

no morals no values. This happens in more than just black and white cases there are white on black assault cases as well. Our country as we know it is ceasing. #Trump Make America Great Again.. I hope your words were not just words and that your actions follow. Equality for ALL citizens

Anonymous said...

The anti white thugs will receive what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Animals, they belong in cages.