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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Methodist Churches Converting to "Virtual Mosques" For Muslim Migrants

Virtual mosque program to preach Islam at Methodist churches

The United Methodist Church is reportedly implementing a statewide plan to revamp Texas churches into “virtual mosques” catering to incoming Muslim migrants.

The UMC, which has been criticized for perceived liberal drift in its theology, is preparing its congregations for Catholic-style “sanctuary” protections for migrants, including those with terrorist ties, according to an insider.

This sanctuary church program is ostensibly in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s intention to defund sanctuary cities.



Anonymous said...

It just amazes me how stupid some people are. Hey dummy those are plotting to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Ok then. Remove their tax exempt status.

Anonymous said...

This is the same ones they have Missionaries persecuted by Muslims. Where is common sense that Mosque are places that organize / recruit Terrorist. Do they not know that teachings of the Muslims are contradictory to Christianity. They practice and recruit hate not love.

Anonymous said...

Churches are for Christians, not so hard to understand!

Anonymous said...

Until Americans grow a pair and take back their country by force we will only see more of this invasion.