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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Study Finds Millennials Less Likely To Out-Earn Parents

(CBS Local) – Graduation inspires many different feelings in college students. First and foremost, pride. But not long after, anxiety sets in about the impending job search.

This generation is much less likely to out-earn their parents, according to a study conducted by Stanford and Harvard universities and UC Berkeley, via the LA Times which calls into question the so-called American dream.

In 1940, children were born with near certainty that they’d earn a higher income than their parents when they grew up, which is something every loving parent hopes for their kid.


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Anonymous said...

This is really about he value of the US dollar.
The dollar has been printed into oblivion, and has no value now.
As long as it is PERCEIVED to have a value, our economy will continue to function somewhat.
Once everyone recognizes that it is worthless paper, our economy will crash outright.

The young people are facing a very bleak future.