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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Maryland Town Blocks Federally Licensed Gun Dealer From Starting Small Home Business

The town council of Mount Airy, Maryland voted this week to block a federally licensed gun dealer from operating a small, appointment-only gun business out of his home.

In a vote of four to zero with one abstention, the council rejected Michael Wonsala’s request for a zoning change to allow him to operate a small gun business focused on the repair and sale of collectible and historic firearms out of his house. The council now plans to update the town code to prohibit firearms sales.

The vote ended a process Wonsala began 15 months ago, and the planned update to the town code may put an end to his efforts to start a side business.



Anonymous said...

Blue state. N'uff said.

Anonymous said...

He'll move and the state will lose out on the tax revenue that could be generated - and maybe the one or two more jobs...along with the trickle-down spending.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't need to move out of the state. Mt. Airy is a stones throw from Balto. city limits. He just needs to move away from Baltimore suburbs.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Jackasses I'm sure. Tell him to move to Wicomico County.