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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Medical marijuana dispensaries could be coming to Md. by summer

WASHINGTON — Medical marijuana has been legal in Maryland since June 2014, but there is still no place in the state where patients can legally buy it. However, that may soon change.

Medical marijuana dispensary businesses in Maryland were given a preliminary thumbs-up on Friday, according to a news release from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. The businesses could be up and running by the summer.

Across Maryland, 102 medical marijuana dispensaries were given a preapproval for licenses out of 811 applications that had been submitted. The dispensaries have up to a year to make their businesses operational.

The MMCC told The Washington Post that patients could begin legally buying marijuana for medical purposes as early as the summer for the treatment of seizures or anxiety and for dealing with the side effects of cancer or chemotherapy.



Anonymous said...

If is legal, why isn't free market good enough?

Anonymous said...

Not really legal like in Washington or Colorado. Medical weed is a baby step towards legalization. It is strange that such a blue state has been so slow legalizing weed.

bayman said...

Weed? Wow, so cool and hip, man. LOL @ U. The government must have found a way to make money off the druggies.