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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Pearl Harbor Is a Fake News Story

Robert B. Stinnett, Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor (New York, Free Press, 2000)

Stinnett conclusively demonstrates with vast and incontrovertible documentary evidence that in order to precipitate an unwilling American public into supporting intervention in the Second World War, President Roosevelt oversaw the contrivance and deployment of a closely-guarded secret plot to goad the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor. The plan was set in motion in October 1940, and its development closely monitored through decoded intercepts of Japanese diplomatic and military radio communications. Knowledge of the plan was limited to 13 Roosevelt administration members and chief military officers, and 21 members of Naval Intelligence and related operations. Once it produced the intended result and the attack impended, the Pacific fleet’s modern naval vessels were sent to sea from Pearl Harbor, leaving seven antiquated World War One battleships as decoys. Meanwhile, the Japanese fleet was tracked with radio intercepts from its formation off the Kuril Islands on November 16, and its sailing for Hawaii on November 26; its course was cleared of all shipping with a Vacant Sea order on the 22nd; and Pearl Harbor naval patrols were ordered out of the area on the 25th. The intelligence of the impending attack was withheld from the officers (Admiral Kimmel and General Short) charged with defending Pearl Harbor, who were kept uninformed of the plan and intelligence of the impending attack, and scape-goated afterward. A coverup of the entire operation was maintained through eight official and Congressional investigations between 1941 and 1946, and down to Strom Thurmond’s inquiry in 1995. Stinnett’s forty-seven pages of Appendices (p. 261-308) present photographic reproductions of essential documents obtained from Federal archives through the Freedom of Information Act, as well as numerous other documents reproduced in the body of the text, and 65 pages (p. 309-374) of closely detailed and referenced notes, all of which copiously and conclusively document Stinnett’s factual assertions, arguments and conclusions. His voluminous research files and notes are deposited at the Hoover Institute library at Stanford.



lmclain said...

Even then, our revered leaders arranging the deaths of our sons and daughters to accomplish whatever political ends they were pursuing.
THEIR kids go to Harvard and Yale. YOUR kids go to Iwo Jima.
Removing the guard, withholding critical military info, and doing things that ALLOWED the Japanese to slaughter 3000 Americans????
To me, that's treason.
You want to crucify Bo Bergdahl (so do I), but think Roosevelt was a f'ing HERO?
keep cheering......

Anonymous said...

Wow, this info is exactly what one of the commenters wrote about the other day. The info must be public knowledge now? I never knew.

One more reason to hate the Federal government.

Anonymous said...

Puts a new light on the world trade center dont it...

Anonymous said...

Careful about opening very old wounds.

Anonymous said...

So do we take down memorials? disband the military? Am I to believe that the government is real?

Anonymous said...

I read the memoirs of a Lt. on the ship directly behind the Arizona. I also knew this man personally. The attack surely did happen and many lost their lives at the hands of the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

The article doesn't say the attack did not happen.
It claims the US government was complicit in the attack.

Anonymous said...

Historians of the period in general reject this, pointing to several key errors and reliance on doubtful sources. This is just more conspiracy crap. This kind of thing may be what finally takes our country down.

Anonymous said...

the historians had no idea that the government was as criminal as it was then, as now.
It is difficult for many people to accept the level of subterfuge we are enduring.
Perhaps you too, are having a problem with it?

There is a network of very evil people who control the world and most governments.
They have the power to manipulate all markets and to print money.