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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Lawmaker: If Concealed Carriers Get Injured In Obama’s ‘GUN FREE ZONE’ They Can SUE!

Representative-elect Rick Schroer of Missouri is introducing legislation that will allow someone who has a gun and then was prevented from being armed by a given establishment to sue if something goes down and they could have prevented it had they been armed. Missouri is not the first state to do this. I think it is a good law. A business should be held accountable if they kept someone from defending others and they got hurt or killed. Missouri allows concealed carry without a permit.

The inspiration for the bill was the July 2012 Aurora, Colorado, movie theater attack. Moviegoers were not allowed to bring arms into the theater, but that didn’t stop a nut from coming in with a gun and killing them. It was a gun-free zone and the media didn’t address that issue at all. I have long said the best way to stop crime is to allow every American citizen to be armed. This is one more step in that direction and it’s a good one. Schroer said, “[The Aurora theater] almost put a target on the back of all the customers there that had to disarm themselves.”



Anonymous said...

Airplane hijackings would be unheard of if everyone could carry on board.

Rebel Without a Clue said...

I agree with this law.

Anonymous said...

Hogan, can you hear the people yet?