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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Even The Washington Post Thinks Kerry’s Israel Speech Was Nuts

The widespread condemnation of Secretary of State John Kerry’s Wednesday speech targeting Israel has now spread as far left as The Washington Post.

The Post issued an op-ed on Friday in which it stated, “The Obama administration is ending eight years of failed Middle East diplomacy exactly where it began in 2009 — with an exaggerated and misguided focus on Israeli settlement construction.”

The Post accused Kerry of railing at the continuing growth of West Bank Jewish housing “with a prolixity that Fidel Castro would have admired.”

The Post acknowledged the similarity of Kerry’s rhetoric to Barack Obama’s at the beginning of his first term, admitting that Obama’s actions catalyzed “Palestinian leaders to resist all concessions while seeking to delegitimize Israel internationally; the peace talks went nowhere even when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu imposed a temporary construction freeze.”

The Post continued, “Mr. Kerry’s speech was, above all, a vivid demonstration of the administration’s inability to learn from its mistakes or adjust the ideological tenets that Mr. Obama brought to office.”

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Anonymous said...

I've never understood why many Jews lean democratic. They practice conservative principals, promote nuclear families, fiscal prudence, etc. And, it seems republicans are bigger proponents of our sole ally in that area of the world.
We see many Jewish writers, editors, etc. that work for liberal MSM outlets like WaPo, so this latest snub of Israel must be especially aggregious if WaPo is slamming Obama and Kerry. It's one more example how much B. Hussein Obama loves Muslims.