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Saturday, December 31, 2016

19 States Will Be Increasing Minimum Wage in 2017

In 2017, nineteen states will be increasing their minimum wage ranges for millions of low-paid U.S. workers. States like Massachusetts and Washington will have the highest new minimum wages in the country at $11 per hour, while California will be raising their’s to $10.50.

New York will be working by a special case scenario in terms of region. New York City on average will have a minimum wage standard of $11. In other regions outside the city, minimum wage levels will range between $9.70-10.50 depending on the county.

“This $1.50 increase, I cannot even comprehend or tell you how important this will be,” said Alvin Major, a New York City fast-food worker and 51-year-old father of four. “The price of food has gone up. Rent has gone up. Everything has gone up. … This will make a difference for so many people.”



Anonymous said...

If everything has gone up and now min-wage is going up...NO it will not help Mr. New Yorker. That $$$$$$ businesses were making while things were increasing was a profit for the business. Now that min-wage is going up, business still wants their nut ($$$$$) so prices will go UP again and what is sad, the customer will still PAY for those fries and coke you will offer with that hamburger.

Real question to anyone - you do know who pays for those extremely HIGH salaries sports athlete's make? CUSTOMERS - not owners!

Yeah and we wonder why things are the way they are....Consumers drive the train and when they finally realize it - maybe things will even out. Until then, prices will continue to rise.

Anonymous said...

How can you say that the price of everything has gone up?? The Social Security Administration claims NO INFLATION, so nobody on SS gets an increase..... Seems to me an increase in SS would be the best way to increase buying and therefore increase Income Tax income..

Anonymous said...

Don't even Bother , if that's all the Raise is ....

That's a Joke .....

You need at least a $20.00 per hr Min wage Today , none less ...... Fact > or you are POOR !!!!