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Monday, November 07, 2016

It begins: #PardonHillary vs. #IndictHillary

Hillary Clinton's growing legal troubles is prompting speculation thatPresident Obama will pardon her like former President Gerald Ford did Richard Nixon, sparking a movement to stop Obama.

Already, supporters of the idea have started #PardonHillary on Twitter. Also trending, #IndictHillary.

Those concerned about a presidential pardon have already begun two Twitter threads, #DontPardonHillary and #NoHillaryPardon, and talk radio has turned its attention to the issue.

"I don't put anything past Obama," top-ranked radio talk show host Mark Levin told Secrets.



Anonymous said...

Pardoning her acknowledges the guilt that should send her to prison...considering that he's implicated in a major portion of what she has done - but we already know he's a turd!

Steve said...

Well, she's not ben charged with a pardonable crime, and tomorrow is TRUMP day. All thats left is charging her after January 20th,, when Obama is no longer President.

Anonymous said...

How can you pardon a person for multiple crimes? One maybe two but thousands? Murder?