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Monday, November 07, 2016

FBI, CIA, NYPD Officials Set To Drop The Hammer

Video Evidence Of "Bill Clinton and Six Government Officials Taking Part In Sexual Acts With Minors" To Be Released Before Election

The 2016 Presidential election about to get even crazier.

Earlier this week Joe Joseph reported that recent Wikileaks point to the Clinton family having ties to a child porn abduction ring in Haiti. On top of that, emails appear to confirm that both Bill and Hillary Clinton previously joined convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at his “sex slave island,” with Fox News having confirmed that Former President Bill Clinton flew with Epstein on his private jet at least 20 times. As Fox News notes, the plane was outfitted with a bed where travellers would often engage in group sex.

The evidence of criminal activity identified via Anthony Wiener’s laptop is so damning that the NYPD was preparing arrest warrants for a number of Clinton campaign officials. A Brietbart report indicates that the investigation was stifled earlier this week by the Justice Department after “huge pushback.”



Anonymous said...

They better get it out by noon today or it is going to be too late!

Anonymous said...

The FBI has already bailed out on us. We can only hope that the NYPD does their job, but they work for de Blasio who supports Hillary. If they don't do anything the NYPD is just as corrupt as the FBI. When you have top Law Enforcement agencies letting her get away with crime we have a corrupt country all around.

Anonymous said...

On Sunday evening WikiLeaks servers were attacked by a massive denial of service DDoS after releasing #DNCLeak2. Check out their Facebook page. (posted 9 hrs ago)

Anonymous said...

Too little too late. The fix has been in for some time now. I say let her win and drown in red ink from the national debt and failure to keep campaign promises. I think her illness will take her down as well.

Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

Justice dept holding all law enforcement back on Clinton's,most of DC wanting New World Order and will stop at nothing to achieve it,George Soros owns almost all politicians.