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Monday, November 07, 2016

Hillary deleted a 2009 email showing that she forwarded classified information to Chelsea

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton deleted an email from 2009 that shows she forwarded classified information to her daughter, Chelsea.

The State Department released the email on Friday, as it is one of thousands that were recovered by the FBI from Clinton's private email server.

The email chain from December 20, 2009 titled 'Update,' began with a message from Michael Froman, who served as deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs and as a deputy assistant to President Obama.

It was then sent to Clinton's foreign policy adviser at the State Department, Jake Sullivan, along with several aides to the president.



Anonymous said...

And she gets a pass on this??!

Anonymous said...

Seems like intent there.

Wake up Comey!

Anonymous said...

Many know Hillary is guilty and should've been charged but our entire govt system has become so corrupt at all levels, nothing will change short of a miracle or revolution.