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Monday, November 07, 2016

Clinton's amnesty for illegals to raise taxes $1.2 trillion, $15,000 per household

Amnesty for illegal immigrants like a program proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton would require an immediate tax hike of $1.2 trillion, a $15,000 hit on every household in America, according to a new analysis of immigration reform.

The authoritative National Academy of Sciences said the cost to give some 11 million illegals citizenship rights would be staggering, though it suggested long-term benefits.

A Heritage Foundation analysis of the NAS study looked at just the impact amnesty would have and said that an immediate tax increase of $1.29 trillion would be needed to finance the infrastructure, school, welfare and other costs of illegals.



Anonymous said...

She'll just print more money and borrow more from foreign nations. If $20 trillion seems like a lot, wait until Hillary gets her mitts on the Treasury.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone really vote for her. Lies and taxes seems like the new norm.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what the free college for all will cost?

Anonymous said...

Well, free health care is only costing families around $20,000 a year.

So much better than the original $8,000 or less.