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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Good Question


Anonymous said...

Because they are just like BLM whose only goal is to get the police out of black neighborhoods so the thugs can commit crimes without interference. And blacks they fall for the "we're here to help you" line everytime without fail. Then they end up eating their own as the world are seeing with BLM. Black on black shootings and murders are up everywhere doubling and more in some places. Not much can be done about it though. Just have to keep them corralled in their own neighborhoods like the mayor of Balitmore ordered to be done and let them crap in their own nests and make a bigger mess then before. When you've sunk so low that you refuse to take personal responsibility and you lie, make excuses and play the blame game all you will ever end up with is chaos.

Unknown said...

because they are related?

Anonymous said...

Because they are stupid?