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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Friend: Hillary's falls 'not infrequent,' Bill worried

Hillary Rodham Clinton refused her husband's demand that she go to the hospital for a checkup following her fall Sunday due to pneumonia, according to biographer Edward Klein, the author of several books critical of the Clintons.

In an interview with Secrets, Klein quoted a Clinton family friend of three decades who claimed the couple had a "knock down, drag out" fight over her refusal to seek further medical help and testing.

"Bill was insisting that she go to the hospital. They had a knock down, dragout fight about this, even with her pneumonia, because she refused. It was her decision not to go, because she was afraid that if she went to the hospital it would make it look like she was even sicker and it would hurt her campaign even more. So it was her decision not to do that," said Klein.

Klein, the author of the upcoming Clinton book Guilty As Sin,described his source this way: "A source who is one of Hillary's friends for the last three decades."


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Anonymous said...

More liars! I believe them, though!