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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This robot can make real tattoos on your skin

A team of students from well-known Paris design school ENSCI Les Ateliers had an idea that could change the face of tattooing.

The team came up with the idea during a recent design challenge hosted by the French Ministry of Culture and worked with other ENSCI students and teachers to bring it to life.

Their idea? An industrial robot that could autonomously create a tattoo from a database of images.

The idea was conceived as part of the Public Domain Remix, a workshop that encourages students to create new items using a mashup of public domain material.

The students had 8 hours to come up with an idea and remix their material to create something new. After bouncing around a handful of common concepts, the team came up with the radical idea of a tattooing robot. They consulted with digital manufacturing expert Le FabShop who thought the idea was achievable and could be prototyped using the school’s hardware.



Anonymous said...

I miss the 20th century....

Anonymous said...

3:46 you can check out any time you'd like

Anonymous said...

Tattoos are nothing more than garbage graffiti someone puts on their body.
Tattoos are not cool
Tattoos are not art
Tattoos are not something that makes a woman look sexy, quite the opposite.
Tattoos are permanent.
People with tattoos are mentally sick!

Anonymous said...

to each his own 4:47

Anonymous said...

I think Elie Wiesel and Dr. Ruth would disagree on the last one.