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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Baltimore City Schools plan to use unarmed officers

BALTIMORE —A new proposal from Baltimore City Schools may be changing the way the city's school police force does business.

The proposal, released Tuesday night, seems to be aimed at encouraging better relationships between officers and students.

Officials want to increase the number of school-based unarmed officer sites from seven to 37.



Anonymous said...

Government goes backwards on everything they have a part of. Sad

Anonymous said...

An unarmed officer does not make me feel safe and this is a stupid and dangerous idea in Baltimore City. Baltimore City has the highest crime rate in the State of Maryland. Has one of the highest murder rates with a gun in the nation. Doesn't this make you understand how ignorant this decision is?

Steve said...

Kiss thugs arse and ask them to be nicer. GREAT idea!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the threat of mass shootings in schools? I'm totally confused.

Anonymous said...

"Unarmed cops" in schools? What's the point? It's not like there's been some "unarmed black teen" shot dead by a school cop, for them to howl about. They need the upper hand of superior force at their disposal if needed, or the kids will be even more aggressive and dangerous.

I bet "unarmed school cop" is going to be the most loathed assignment in the precinct.

Anonymous said...

Hell just get rid of the cops all together. And hire BLM.

lmclain said...

What do the black single mothers have to say about the violence THEIR children have brought into the school system?
The POLICE have to be present in the school to make sure they don't kill teachers and other kids?
And they have to be present in numbers. THAT'S how dangerous the SCHOOL is?
You raise smart-mouth, anti-authority gang bangers and turn them loose on the rest of the kids who want to learn and be good citizens?
The police can't solve your bad example and poor choices issues.
It's a no-win for the police.

Keep cheering.