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Friday, August 12, 2016

Twin Falls Refugee Rape: Why Are The Refugees Moving In?

UPDATE: Two recent sexual assaults by Muslims in this community of about 50,000 people have made national headlines and raised a wider question: why are the refugees in Twin Falls in the first place?

On June 2, there was the horrifying alleged video recorded gang rape of a developmentally challenged five-year-old American girl at the hands of three refugee boys that created shockwaves after the media and local politicians attempted to cover up the story and stifle local activists.

Then just this past weekend, Mohammed Hussein Ibraheim Eldai – who was previously lionized by the media – was charged with the alleged sexual assault of a 33-year-old mentally disabled woman who fled her house screaming and crying after he molested and then attempted to have sex with her.

The simplest part of the answer is that Muslim refugees are being used as cheap replacements for the middle-class Americans who want to work in Twin Falls’ government-boosted food processing industry.

Idaho is among the states with the largest population of refugees per American, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The state has been bringing in refugees for decades, but local activists, including Julie Ruf, grew concerned as they noticed that the rising percentage of Muslims among the refugees. “I started noticing the burqas,” said Ruf.

Ruf’s observation was correct. The program began in the 1980s with diverse refugees coming from Vietnam, Poland, and Russia. But is has shifted since 2012 to bring in refugees from Islamic Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Eritrea, and Sudan, according to the webpage for the College of Southern Idaho’s refugee resettlement program.



Anonymous said...

Let's hope it was a libitards kid who voted for the Muslim twice!!!

Anonymous said...

Your only hope is to make them feel unwelcome.

Anonymous said...

The men in the community must protect the women.
Simple as that.

Good luck. Not many real men left in America.
My guess, the local men will try to convince the "refugees" to become homosexual. That is the best result you may hope for.

Anonymous said...

It won't be long befor a few radical groups declare open season on muslims. For sure it is going to happen,first in Europe then here.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen.