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Friday, August 12, 2016

Donald Trump's 'mental illness' disguised as CNN reporting

Another exciting week in the 2016 Trump Presidential Spectacular and another week of political obituaries predicting Donald Trump’s imminent demise.

Serious question: How many political obituaries have these people written about Mr. Trump since he descended into the fetid American political swamp on a glass escalator last summer?

But this time they really mean it!

Yeah, these people are about as credible and reliable as President Obama drawing red lines in Iran or Syria.



Anonymous said...

Donald Trump has become a through bread idiot. I once supported fully, I will not be voting for him or the Clinton donkey. I guess nothing left but libertarian...

Anonymous said...

November Eighth...

(hint: he doesn't want the job)

Anonymous said...

10:03 - I think that you make your decision too early. I also think that you don't know what a thoroughbred is.

Unknown said...

August 12, 2016 at 10:03 PM

There are TWO candidates. Either Trump or Killary. Voting third party, or writing someone's name in will not make any difference other than a vote not going to one of the two candidates.

It may make you feel better but that's all. And regardless, having the popular vote does not guarantee victory. That dang electoral college crap.

It makes no difference who votes or who they vote for. The one counting the votes determines the winner. And don't forget that computer program that can switch votes.

Voting is an exercise in futility.