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Friday, August 12, 2016

Jack Nicklaus Explains What Donald Trump Is Doing To America

Nicklaus, who owns golf courses in many countries and has done business with Trump, is proud to support him:

Jack Nicklaus believes Donald Trump is “turning America upside down,” which apparently is a compliment. The legendary golfer told CBS Sunday Morning that he’ll vote for the New York businessman.

“He’s awakening the country,” Nicklaus said.

“We need a lot of that. Is he a politician? Is he as smooth and politically correct as he should be? Probably not. But he’ll learn,” the golfer said. “He’s not stupid. He didn’t get where he was being dumb. I like the guy. He’s a good man. And certainly — if he’s the one that’s on the ticket, I’ll be voting for him.”

Via NY Daily News

Clearly, Nicklaus is tired of business-as-usual in politics, where cautious politicians read tele-prompters to hide the truth. But Trump speaks from the heart, and as a patriotic American is willing to stand up for American workers and job-creating businessmen. Trump is running a presidential campaign like we’ve never seen before in America.

You have to watch this incredible interview from Nicklaus:



Anonymous said...

The Golden Bear speaks truth!

Anonymous said...

12:52 The Golden Bear knows the truth

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Agreed, Trump isn't always likable, but personality is not the primary prerequisite for sound leadership. His success speaks for itself and we will deserved the suffering that is forthcoming if this nation is stupid enough to elect a proven liar like Hillary Clinton. How in the hell, can anyone want 4 more years of what we have now? I don't want 4 more seconds of it.

Anonymous said...

thank GOD the sheeple seem to finally be waking up

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Yes, people are waking up now and yes, It's About Time!
Send Barack on the golf course and Donald Trump in the White House!

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't doing this to America, he's doing it for America. It's time to wake up and smell the reality.

Anonymous said...

We need the Trump Card. (map)

Anonymous said...

Trump is stating stupid stuff bc he does NOT want to win.clinton PLANT WATCH......