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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton Admits That Email Scandal Has Hurt Her

Hillary Clinton acknowledged that she was wrong to use a private email system that was not approved by the State Department but only because of “what it has generated” in terms of her declining trustworthiness ratings.

“Do you think it became a controversy because it fed the trust issue?” PBS host Charlie Rose asked the former secretary of state during an interview on Monday.

“I’m sure it didn’t help. Yes, I’m sure it didn’t help,” Clinton told Rose, admitting for the first time that the email scandal has hurt her politically.

“It was wrong because look at what it has generated,” she added.

Clinton clearly faces a trust deficit because of her email practices and the perception that she has lied to cover them up, most polls show.



Anonymous said...

In other words - 'I'm only sorry because I got caught.'

Anonymous said...

It isn't over yet, Ex-Secretary. When it's finished, you'll be an ex-politician, and that's a good thing for all of us who aren't you or your partners in crime.

Anonymous said...

"...the perception that she has lied to cover them up..."

She did lie to cover them up. And then lied again about lying. It's a measure of a corrupted soul, a soul that corrupts everyone and everything it touches.

Anonymous said...

11:42 you are right on to quote her "it was wrong because look at what it has generated". No guilt at all just all the bad press, hearings, and damage to her political run. Honestly if this stayed covered up for so long, what else could she have covered up, the murders in Bengazi was just unfortunate too, she is ice cold no care for anyone but herself. If any agents were exposed by her e-mails and killed she should be tried for treason and contributing to murder.