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Thursday, July 21, 2016

HBO Confirms Shortened, Delayed Seventh Season Of Game Of Thrones

The producers of HBO’s Game of Thrones had recently commented that the remaining two seasons would likely have fewer episodes than previous years. They had also let slip the bad news that the next season would not be starting in the spring as it usually has — but when would it start? Now HBO has confirmed both rumors and provided a smidge more information.

The network announced this morning that GoT‘s seventh season will be limited to seven episodes. That’s down from 10 episodes each for the previous six seasons.

The show’s producers had said before the beginning of the sixth season that telling the remainder of the epic story would require around 15 more episodes, and the question was whether to go with one long season or two shorter seasons.

Additionally, the later start to the new season is due in part to the need to film more wintry scenes with actual snow.



Anonymous said...

My favorite show. Haven't missed an episode since I got HBO. The stories are great! Just like watching Lord of the Rings. I hope they keep this going. Very addictive once you get into the story! I am also looking forward with anticipation to West World.

Anonymous said...

Seven episodes is alright with me, as long as they're as good as the last 60. The content of the series is relevant in today's world.