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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Men In Blue About To Go Green


Anonymous said...

That ought to do it. But you will have to have a few demonstration before they get it. Most people these day don't know what a harvester looks like, or more importantly, what it will do to ANYTHING that gets in its way.

Anonymous said...

Please, tell us that there's a holding tank for what it spews! The roadway would be very slippery if it didn't have one.

Anonymous said...

Protesting is a right and when you see an idiot babbling nonsense to the camera, realize that the media goes in there looking for someone like that. I have attended protests and rally's on all sides of the issues just to talk to people and see what they have to say. The vast majority on all sides are not irrational people.
I went to Occupy Wall Street, these kids were not socialists and they were not Obama fans. The majority of them were most passionate about criminal justice and environmental issues. They were against meaningless wars and were angry that Obama still had us in Iraq. They were destroyed by the fact that the media eventually tuned them out and because they decided they wanted no leadership, their goals were all sporadic moonshots.
I am a big Ron Paul fan and attended 2 of his rally's as well as participating in a local group that went door knocking and waiving signs on the roadside. The group was small but the people in it were highly intelligent, aware of the current events and well studied in politics and the Constitution. We would stay for up to two hours after our meetings were over just talking politics. The Tea Party was destroyed because big talking RINOS successfully took it over.
On the invite of a friend I went to the local Bernie Sanders campaign web launch. There were probably 10 times as many people there as my Ron Paul group but it was terribly unorganized and people didn't talk to each other. They stayed in the little groups they came in with and left when it was over. The one person who I did manage to listen to had a lot of the same complaints as Conservatives. The issue with them is just like Trump Jr said. They don't realize that their problems are a direct result of the policies of their party. It took rigging a primary election to stop Bernie.
So to sum it up public opinion swings and it keeps being countered by government forced so instead of slamming liberals on here all the time, educate them instead because with education they will turn and when the next swing comes the numbers will be there.

Anonymous said...

1:58 I agree with your first 4 words. When you block roadways, shut down access to the public areas, create trouble and don't obey the Law then you give up that right. At that point you give up those rights.

Anonymous said...

Will need this thing for tonight. I see its going to get a little rowdy

Steve said...

This is fun! Great humor here!