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Monday, May 02, 2016

Limbaugh: Indiana Key to Stopping Trump

Though I won't go so far as to say the Indiana primary is do or die for the Ted Cruz campaign, it couldn't be much more important. As events have unfolded, Indiana has a critical choice to make next Tuesday.

It shouldn't surprise political observers that Donald Trump won decisively in New York and the other Northeastern states. I don't mean to disparage Republicans in that region, but they are more liberal than Republicans elsewhere in the United States, and Trump is far more acceptable to liberal Republicans than Cruz is, especially on social issues.

But the race isn't over. Trump will still have great difficulty acquiring 1,237 delegates before the Republican National Convention. No, Cruz can't reach 1,237 before the convention, but he very well could reach that number if Trump doesn't, either, and the race goes to a second ballot.

This is not to say that Trump doesn't have a strong advantage now or that the candidates' respective delegate counts are irrelevant going in to the Cleveland convention. The more Cruz can narrow the gap between now and Cleveland the greater his case for succeeding on subsequent ballots.

In that sense, all the remaining states are pivotal, but Indiana perhaps more so because it is in the Midwest and is considered more conservative — and right now is up for grabs, according to polls. Though all primary and caucus voters have a grave responsibility, scorching heat is on Indiana Republicans.

We mustn't forget that the Trump phenomenon was born from the gross excesses of the leftist Obama administration and the ineffectiveness of the GOP establishment to stop them. Regardless of the latter's insistence that it did everything it could to resist President Obama, the majority of Republicans, at least, don't buy it.

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Anonymous said...

Give it a rest. Trump all the way!

Anonymous said...

I clicked to read the article, because Rush usually has a good point about stuff most writers & commentators don't even think of.

But I was duped. I was sucked in by the headline. This is David Limbaugh, not Rush.

No thanks, I'll pass on reading David Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

David is Rush's brother, and he's a very bright lawyer.

He has a lot of very good points.

Anonymous said...

Just look at The Donald's actions in the past (not conservative) and his remarks on Fox News Sunday yesterday, that we don't need to be involved in other countries. He obviously does not understand the importance of our allies around the world and why we have military bases strategically placed in foreign countries. We need a strong, intelligent president after Obama to build up our military's moral and strength and for making the difficult decisions to show our allies we've got their back or the world will be doomed and nothing else will matter.

Anonymous said...

Rush will never see the full picture because he is too closed minded to only the right and left paradigm.

Anonymous said...

Rush is a lush! !! Look at the polls fatboy!!! Who listens to rush?? Really???? He ANOTHER dufuss like Glenn beck. Same old dribble for 20 years. Enough is enough. The Republican party is finished. I'm voting against EVERY INCUMBENT in EVERY election. So all the keyboard politicians get your game on. I'm voting for the new person! !!

Anonymous said...

You are commenting on a story you didn't even read. If you had read it you would have figured out Rush has nothing to do with this so why make a comment about him?

Anonymous said...

7:47 at this point what difference does it make??? 7:44 is correct. The Republican party at least it's current members are done. Myself and many others will not ever vote for an incumbent!!! TERM LIMITS! !

Anonymous said...

Every election cycle we get idiots like 10:32 and 7:44, who will vote for anybody new who's running without reading a word about them just because they want the Incumbent out. They will probably vote for the known criminal or the Socialist because they don't have a clue as to who they are. They would even vote for Lying Ted because they're so danged gullible!