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Monday, May 02, 2016


SAINT PAUL, MN – A housekeeping employee is charged with raping a woman who was staying at a St. Paul motel this weekend with her 9-month-old baby.

Nolasco Lopez Ramirez, 25, of St. Paul is head of housekeeping at the Days Inn at 1964 W. University Ave. and told other housekeepers he would clean the woman’s room Saturday afternoon, according to charges filed Monday in Ramsey County District Court. The woman told investigators he trapped her in the bathroom and raped her when she went in to gather up some dirty towels.

Ramirez was taken into custody and is charged withfirst-degree criminal sexual conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Ramirez came to the woman’s door about 4:20 p.m. Saturday telling her he was there to check out the room. The woman said she propped open the door with her baby stroller and sat down to do some homework while Ramirez made the bed. Afterward he lingered in the room and at one point the woman told him to back up because he was making her uncomfortable.

The woman then got up and went to the bathroom for the towels in an attempt to get Ramirez to leave, but he followed her in and closed the door behind him, according to the complaint. He kissed her and she pushed him away, telling him to stop. Then he grabbed her, turned her around, pulled down her pants and raped her, saying “I know you want it. Stop lying. That’s the only reason you opened the door.”



Anonymous said...

And this is the kind of scum Obama and all his cronies want in our country???? If we let this scum stay in our country we are just as bad as they are. Disgusting!!!!

Anonymous said...

They would never find the body!

Anonymous said...

1:49 Must be smarter than every other convicted murderer.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else Days Inn should have a comment about how an illegal alien ended up on their payroll!

Anonymous said...

Hang that refried bean eating bastard. He must want to get hung he opened the door.

Anonymous said...

Go after the people who hire them.

Anonymous said...

Good thing this did not happen in Da Bury they never would have caught him.