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Monday, May 02, 2016

Fired Muslim Workers Claim Discrimination at Plant in Owatonna

Nearly two dozen Muslim Somali-Americans are filing discrimination charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity against hardware maker AmesburyTruth and Doherty Staffing Solutions.

The fired workers said they were denied a place to pray at an Owatonna, Minn., manufacturing plant and lost their jobs for trying to practice their religion.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is leading the effort on behalf of 21 former workers who were terminated in May and June 2015.

The employees were told that if they could not comply with the plant's break schedule or could not wait until their shifts were over to pray, they could not continue working, according to the council, which goes by the acronym CAIR-MN and is a member of the nation's largest Islamic civil liberties advocacy group.

A number of workers were told to go home and wait for the company to make accommodations but were never called back to work, according to CAIR-MN. Some employees were fired for "violating the bathroom policy" by spilling water on the floor.

Followers of Islam pray five times each day — at daybreak, midday, afternoon, sunset and at night. Before prayer, Muslims are required to wash their faces, hands and feet with clean water, which normally is performed in a restroom sink.

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Steve said...

Just go to a country that accommodates your traditions. We don't. sorry you moved to the wrong country.

There's no place like home.

Go there.

Anonymous said...

Man I really don't see any of this ending good. It's sad to think what this country was founded on and where it's at today

Anonymous said...

they must be sent back to their respective countries. don't belong in our culture. employers are NOT responsible to cow tow to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

They are perfectly capable of praying silently where ever they are, no matter what they're doing, just like everyone else who feels they
must pray.

The hell with them, if they can't adapt and assimilate, they don't deserve to be "refugees"
let alone "immigrants". One way steerage ticket back to Somali-land.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning,we Americans had better wake up!

Anonymous said...

You know, I really don't get it. They all want to come to America, but when they get here, they want to force their ways on us. Best thing I know for them to do is go back to where they came from. They need to change if they want to be here, we don't need to make changes to accommodate them.

JoeAlbero said...

5:40, You mean like same sex marriage? It's not just "them". We're imploding from within. Vote TRUMP 2016.

Anonymous said...

They sissy liberals will give in to the America hating Muslims. After all, it is liberal Minn.

Anonymous said...

I pray 6 times a day that TRUMP wins

Anonymous said...

To hell with them - this is OUR country - you want to work - follow the employers want to live in this country - follow this country's rules....simple concept!

Anonymous said...

5:40 There isn't much to get. Muslims have been attempting to take over the whole world since Day 1. It's in the koran. The sad part is this company will give into them just like Monsanto did. This because they work for slave wages.
The whole immigration policy needs an overhauling. It is not 1900. We do not need immigrants. All they do anymore is keep wages low.
Every single person who works for the local chicken companies needs to vote for Donald Trump. This is ONLY way they will ever make any decent money. The less people allowed in this country who are ready willing and able to work for low wages the better. When companies can't get employees see how fast they raise wages.

lmclain said...

Do any of you weak minded liberal dumbaces who can't wait to kiss the ace of the latest muslim loser who has a new demand that a WHOLE LOT of Christians have been told to be at work on Sunday or find another job??
"But, Christ says to honor the Sabbath! I go to church on Sunday!"
The employer says, "I can appreciate that, but be here or find another job."
And they ain't joking.
Welcome to America.
Throw the lawsuit out. Then, throw THEM out.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Imclain posting during the day on weekday? Run out of tin foil and take the day off to hit up Sam's club?

Anonymous said...

Orthodox jews refuse to work on Shabbos 18 minutes before sunset on Friday until sunset Sat., as part of their religion.

5:40 am Should they be sent back also?