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Monday, March 14, 2016

Which Candidate Just Got Caught in a Major Lie?

John Kasich's entire strategy is to convince the Republican base that moderation is a virtue. The Ohio Governor has questioned the Christianity of those who criticized his Obamacare Medicaid expansion. This hasn't seemed to hurt him in his home state of Ohio.

But there are some issues that are sacrosanct on the right. One of them is gun control. Here, Kasich has tried to tell voters he's a fan of the Second Amendment. Kasich's website has a "Defending the Second Amendment" section outlining his support for the right to bear arms. But as conservative pundit Tim Young points out, there's a piece of Kasich's record that seems to be missing:

Source: AAN


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He will not win. He is wasting our time hoping for a good job once the dust settles.

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8:49 same thing owemalley was doing.