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Monday, March 14, 2016

Subject: Sean Hannity: “Ignorant So-Called Journalists” Are Blaming Trump for Rally Violence (Video)


A reporter who puts the blame on the violent Communist thugs who regularly disrupt, scream at, swing at, flip the bird and curse at Trump supporters at a rally.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Sean for speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

355 who are you voting for and why?

Anonymous said...

4:24 I'm not 3:55. FYI I'm voting for Trump in order to save America from people who ask too many questions. Intelligent Americans have had enough of the bullship.

Anonymous said...

@6:46 Amen!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree 6:46!!!

Anonymous said...

"save America from people who ask too many questions"

What are you the mob? What happened to the first amendment?!!