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Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump: Rent Out U.S. Military to Finance Social Security

Donald Trump suggested that as president he would finance Social Security by requiring countries that benefit from U.S. military protection to pay for the service.

"We're the policeman of the world: We take care of Germany; we take care of Saudi Arabia; we take care of South Korea," he said during Thursday night's presidential debate. "Saudi Arabia was making a billion dollars a day and we were getting virtually nothing to protect them. ... We are going to be in a different world. We're going to negotiate real deals, now, and we're going to bring the wealth back to our country."

Trump offered that plan as a way to avoid Social Security's impending insolvency — the program runs out of money in 22 years — after initially promising to stabilize the program by eliminating "waste, fraud, and abuse." That position contrasted with Fla. Sen. Marco Rubio, who has proposed a politically-risky Social Security overhaul.



Anonymous said...

Just remove the cap and pay tax on all earnings, instead of stopping at $118,500. Not that hard.

Anonymous said...

I have a new twist on what to do. Make Federal employment minimum age as 60. That way, everybody pays SS tax working in the private sector. Instead of the Government paying people to sit home collecting Social Security, they pay them to work.

I often wonder how many people that go around suggesting that Social Security recipients wait until age 70 have a clue how difficult it is to find employment when you reach 60.