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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Delmar Middle: 5th Grade SNACK FUND

Publishers Notes: I found this gem this weekend and thought I'd share it with everyone. What I found really interesting is that this is one of the only schools that is fiscally responsible and I tip my hat to them. IF you want to get involved, you can. IF you do not, NOTHING is shoved down your throat. When I compare Delmar to Wicomico County and I think of those Gift Cards my blood just boils. They are almost 50% to their goal. Let's help close it out. 
My name is Vicki Di Vittorio and I am fifth grade Special Education teacher at Delmar Middle School in Delmar, DE. (Please bear with the explanation below and read to the end!)

Delmar is "The Little Town Too Big For One State". Delmar's 962 residents live in a unique community that calls two states, Delaware and Maryland, home. (the district has over 1,300 students, some of whom live in Delmar, MD but attend school in Delmar, DE).

Our school district is unique in that it consists of only one building; comprised of a Middle and a Senior High School: there is no elementary school on the Delaware side (K-4 students attend Delmar Elementary School in Delmar, MD). The middle school and high school students and faculty share not only a gym, a cafeteria, all specials teachers (art, music, gym, foreign language, computer) but also all district offices and support staff.



Anonymous said...

Seriously???? Why can't parents send in a snack with their kids??????

Anonymous said...

And the kids can't bring their own snack???

Anonymous said...

It is time for the politicians and the citizens to be responsible and do what is necessary so this situation does not exist which is probably first build suitable space and second properly fund the school. I never understand why citizens allow conditions such as these to exist and even encourage it.

I wish you well with your snack fund raising effort.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can afford to. Have some compassion