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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Why Can't the Kentucky Clerk Get Bail?

Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has been jailed without bail since Thursday for refusing to allow her office to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Her attorney, Matthew Staver, says that even some people accused of murder are allowed to be free on bail while their trail is pending.

"This woman who hasn't done any crime at all," Staver told Newsmax on Sunday. "She's being held without bail for an indefinite period of time. In fact, one of the U.S. marshals when they were directed by the judge to take her into custody told her he had never arrested somebody who had not committed a crime."

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee told ABC's "This Week" Sunday that there is a double standard for liberals and conservatives when it comes to violating same-sex marriage laws. He pointed to former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome and President Barack Obama's former Attorney General Eric Holder for allowing same-sex marriage when it was illegal, yet suffering no consequences.

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning has said he jailed Davis without bail in an effort to force her to comply on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this summer legalizing gay marriage nationally.

Staver, Davis' lawyer, is skeptical that Bunning ever even considered a fine – even though the gay couples seeking the original injuction against Davis specifically requested a fine and not jail time.

The temporary injunction ended at the end of the day August 31, Staver said, and at 10:30 the next morning a motion for contempt was filed. Bunning set a 1 p.m. hearing, allowing only a five-page response, when the rules allow for 20 pages.

When the hearing was held 48 hours later, Bunning already had the jailer – who had to travel from another county – in the courtroom ready to take Davis into custody.



Anonymous said...

Is he really an attorney? There is no bail for contempt of court.

Anonymous said...

Even Illegal Aliens get BAIL. ?

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous. They're just drumming up sympathy for her by making a martyr out of her.

She needs to be released, resign, and find another job that doesn't ruffle her feathers. She has no problem cashing that fat paycheck, even though about ten per cent of it came from HOMOSEXUAL taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

A Dem with values ??? Hmmmm i bet election she turns Republican.

Anonymous said...

This shows they weren't interested in justice - just making their liberal political point - mess with us and we'll screw you!

Anonymous said...

@12:32 Remember at the time she took the job there was no such thing as same sex marriage. To imply she is not doing her job correctly is just not true. She is standing up for her beliefs, just as I am sure you do. Would you want to be forced to do something you were uncomfortable with? Something that went against everything you believe in? The one thing I dont understand about this whole thing is why people are condeming her. In this day and time people are protesting just about everything and that seems to be "a" "ok" with everyone. But let a Christian stand up for his or her belief and they are condemened. Who cares if "10% of her salary is from HOMOSEXUALS"?? Why did you even make that statement?? And who is trying to make a martyr out of her? It's ok for YOU to toot your "gay" horn all over the world but apparently no one else is allowed to stand up or show their "pride" for their beliefs.You are a spoiled little brat, who thinks only your agenda matters.