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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: House approves spending bill, averts government shutdown

House follows Senate in approving spending bill, sending it to Obama's desk and averting possible government shutdown.



Anonymous said...

What a joke!
They're all progressives and don't give a crap about this country.

Anonymous said...

And boener approved morey for Abortions.

Anonymous said...

Will anyone ever stand up to stop the madness.

Anonymous said...


i'm giving my vote to Trump.

at this point, what is there to lose?

Anonymous said...

5:48 How is that? Federal money is never spent on abortions.

Anonymous said...

No they Just pay a NON PROFIT CEO 500,000 yr and waste TAX $ On first class airfare but hey i guess that money didn't need to go to womans cancer screening. Etc etc ???????