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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Today's Wildlife Photo 8-29-15

Three Black Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars feasting on a dill plant.


Anonymous said...

Love them! I plant parsley especially for the Swallowtails. I have one that went chrysalis right on a parsley stem and I've been watching it carefully so I can see the butterfly emerge.
Nature is so amazing.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic picture you have and the first blogger reply have taught me what to plant to have the same effect--thank you.

Anonymous said...

11:36, they like dill, parsley and fennel. Next year I am going to plant lots and lots of parsley right under my butterfly bushes. I've been doing seeds in 3 large pots but need more since they eat so much. I've had 2 "litters" so far this year.
It's fascination to watch the progression. For lack of a better description you will think the little caterpillars are little poops when you first see them. Then they literally grow right before your very eyes. Plants lots of plants or seeds because their appetites are voracious.