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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Concerns Over Possible Athletic Complex Expansion Aired

SALISBURY – The ball is in Wicomico County’s field, as Salisbury awaits stipulations to be met prior to further consideration of a land donation that would permit the expansion of Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex at Naylor Mill Park.

Last October the Wicomico County Council considered the acceptance of a donation of property from the City of Salisbury, consisting of 34.94 acres located on the north side of Naylor Mill Rd., adjacent to the athletic complex for the purpose of expanding the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex (HPAC).

At that time, former Wicomico Recreation, Parks and Tourism Director Gary Mackes presented Wicomico’s tourism book consisted of 35 amateur sports events that have generated an overall $43.1 million in economic activity. This is composed of 30,000 hotel room nights and close to 200,000 visitors. Compared to the previous year, Wicomico’s tourism initiative had grown by 10 percent.



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I believe there are those close to the situation who say Mackes juiced the numbers, so are his numbers really true and/or accurate? Also, with Wisk leaving, it is likely the tournament will leave the area too. This seems like a big investment for an event that doesn't have a long term contract. Cooler, smarter heads need to prevail.

Anonymous said...

The existing facility is in shambles and falling apart. Do we really need to expand when we cannot take proper care what is there already.I assume Bill Dowell has had his fill of wicomico county.