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Saturday, August 29, 2015

HuffPost: Trump Vows Not to Run Third Party

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has promised "several top Republicans" he will not run a third-party campaign, The Huffington Post reports.

The website said it spoke to "several sources," who confirmed the news.

Top Trump aide Michael Cohen, however, would not confirm that his boss has completely ruled out an independent run if he doesn't win the Republican nomination. Cohen did tell HuffPost, though, that Trump never had "any intent" of running under any other banner than the GOP.

"He just wanted to ensure that the establishment would treat him as fair as they would treat any of the other candidates," Cohen told HuffPost. "And I believe right now they are treating him fairly. It is my personal belief that the RNC is treating Mr. Trump the same as the other candidates and he will live up to his agreement not to run as an independent."

Trump himself, even while threatening a third-party run, essentially said the threat was intended to ensure the party would treat him as an equal to the other candidates — something he felt wasn't happening early in his campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Trump has the means and support to do an end run around his party should they not let him play.

Anonymous said...

Always literal,never liberal.Always a linebacker,never a quarterback.DT is da man!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Cohen is great. He's referred to as Trumps Pit Bull.

Steve said...

That's now, but if the GOP pulls a Ron Paul power trip on him, the Donald is still his own man! They had better let him play, or they will get "Tromped".

Or, is that Trumped?

Anonymous said...

You kidding me? Do you not think the party is dancing and singing now that someone has stepped up to the plate to actually campaign against the Dems? This bunch will do anything to remain alive. The Don will be coddled by the party within the next month.