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Friday, July 31, 2015

New evidence emerges on Jimmy Hoffa's fate

His disappearance 40 years ago is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in U.S. history, and now new evidence has emerged about Jimmy Hoffa’s possible fate.

A mobster who was believed to be involved in the labor boss’s disappearance suggested before he died last year that the feds were on the right track when they searched a New Jersey dump for Hoffa’s remains, a bombshell report says.

Investigative reporter Dan Moldea confirmed that the FBI searched the dump in 1975, looking for a 55-gallon drum they believed the Teamsters boss had been entombed in.



Anonymous said...

and a gangster, on his deathbed, who claimed he killed Hoffa, ( he was his friend ), said he shot him twice in the back of the head with a .22 then took his body to a crematorium up the block from the house he ws killed in. Cremated. No body to find.

lmclain said...

That's correct. The "Irishman" was his close friend and bodyguard who claimed in a book that he took him to that meeting and shot him in the head.
Then cremated him.
The search, however, continues.
Cops need jobs, too, even if they are meaningless and unproductive.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know what happened to Hoffa read this book.


lmclain said...

That's the book I was referring to, but the last time I referred a book, Joe didn't post my comment....