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Friday, July 31, 2015

Judge rules illegal immigrant parents with children should be released

A federal judge’s ruling presaging the release of the largest number of illegal immigrant mothers and children from U.S. detention centers has erased the last get-tough immigration policy of the Obama administration, leaving the law even more of a mess and authorities with even fewer tools to try to deter another surge of border crossers.

The sweeping decision by U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee gives theObama administration 90 days to object; otherwise, she will order the government to move quickly to release all illegal immigrant children and try to release their parents as well.



Anonymous said...

This is what the liberals want - not what the law says....

Never mind - liberals don't care about laws.....

lmclain said...

How in the heck do people who shouldn't even be in this country, but have committed various and often violent crimes, get more leniency than American citizens?
Can you imagine ANY judge telling an American criminal that he's going to release them because their children will suffer while he's in
I've never seen any judge give a rat's ace about the effect of incarceration on anyone's family. In fact, the prosecutors will use, without mercy (but with a hint of vengeance), the threat of putting a defendant in a jail 300 miles from his family.
Unless he is an illegal immigrant who just raped an old lady.
He's golden.
Keep cheering.

keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Sure, release them into Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Judge's are corrupt because most are appointed not elected.