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Friday, July 31, 2015

CAMPAIGN 2016: Clinton campaign releases health and tax information

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign releases a health statement -- her doctor says she has a thyroid condition and 'seasonal allergies,' but is 'fit to serve as president' -- along with some tax returns.



Anonymous said...

How about the mental health of a pathologic liar?

Anonymous said...

She is allergic to telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

by not leaving bill when he cheated and lied to her showed us all that she was willing to stay with him to get her shot in the limelight. Anyone that would sell out their morals should not be trusted to be president of the USA

Anonymous said...

I want to know what Her proctologist says. May find her head

Anonymous said...

4:55 PM we certainly have had enough of that over the last eight years, and counting haven't we?